Annual Environmental Statement

Annual Environmental Statement Teknoservice

At TEKNOSERVICE S.L. we are completely committed with the environment. This has been demonstrated by our active collaboration in the achievement of the objectives set by the Climate Change Office of the Ministry of the Environment.

At TEKNOSERVICE, we elaborate and maintain all the necessary documentation in order to guarantee compliance with its environmental and quality policy and objectives.

In our effort to achieve a higher quality in our projects, as well as a more proactive commitment towards the care of the environment which surrounds us, we have prepared the Annual Environmental Statement  2019, which includes a description of the environment management system, objectives, targets and environmental programs,  as well as our environmental performance with annual data on energy and water consumption and the annual emissions of gases into the atmosphere (Data calculated with internal methods based on EMAS III [EC 1221] and validated by Bureau Veritas Company also based on EMAS [Regulation EC 1221]). In addition, for the data on the carbon footprint we count with its registration on the website of the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

List of Standards and Norms followed:

Teknoservice assesses its carbon footprint according to ISO 14064-1 for categories 1-5. An assessment of the emissions derived from transport emissions is also included in accordance with EN 16258. The results of the carbon footprint assessment have been validated by a third party and are included in the following document:

Currently, Teknoservice has developed a system for measuring the emissions associated with the transport of its products to the end customer. The emissions, taking 2019 as the base year, are 0.15 kg of CO2 eq per 100 km travelled. Teknoservice’s objective is to reduce this value by 10% per year, with the aim of reducing the value to below 0.10 kg of CO2 eq per 100 km travelled by 2023. Currently, the measured value for 2022 is 0.11 kg CO2 eq per 100 km travelled, which is 80% of the target achievement.

Teknoservice has carried out the life cycle analysis of its Teknoslim product.

Annual Environmental Statement Suppliers

This section links to a list of our suppliers where you can access their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) documents, in which they summarize and highlight their actions aimed at improving their operations, minimizing their environmental impact and optimizing the care of their environment.