In TEKOSERVICE we offer our clients integral technological solutions designed and developed taking into consideration the characteristics of each sector, as well as those of each company in particular.

We study each case and the situation of each client, to study and understand their needs and thus be able to offer solutions that have the capacity to respond to their needs.

We offer complete and innovative solutions to every single industry sector, and in this way, we always obtain the satisfaction of our clients.

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Private companies

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TEKNOSERVICE’s work methodology is based on flexibility and individualized treatment of each project. In this way, we manage to provide a personalized and effective character to the solutions we offer to our clients.

At Teknoservice, we take great care in the selection of the components with which we manufacture TTL Professional products. In this way, we only work with the best suppliers worldwide.

Software Development

In TEKNOSERVICE, our bet for the evolution and to be a reference in our sector we materialize it thanks to our department of l+D+i For it, we have developed two solutions TTL: TTL OS and TTL VD.


TEKNOSERVICE offers Technology Renting services with its own means, both financial and technical. Currently, we have more than 25,000 equipments in the park of transfer, which makes us to be at the top of the Technological Renting in Spain. In this way, you will be able to face your technological investment in comfortable terms and with the possibility of acquiring the equipment once the renting is finished.


In order to offer a service with proximity and agility, TEKNOSERVICE has more than 350 partners around the world. All of them are involved in a rigorous process of service quality so that their intervention is excellent and meets the needs of the customer.

Maintenance and Outsourcing

Nuestro servicio integral de mantenimiento tecnológico permite tener actualizado y operativo el parque informático de nuestros clientes en todo momento. El sustento principal de este servicio es nuestra Red de más de 150 Puntos de Servicio Oficiales (PDS) a lo largo de todo el territorio nacional. En TEKNOSERVICIO encontrarnos nuestros mejores aliados en el tejido empresarial de cada provincia, lo que aporta cercanía con el cliente y agilidad en el servicio. Nuestros Puntos de Servicio acreditan una dilatada experiencia en el sector y superan un riguroso proceso de homologación diseñado para estandarizar nuestro servicio de atención al cliente.

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