Technological Support

TEKNOSERVICE's integral service is carried out in a personal and flexible way, with a period of action within 24/48 hours.

Our services

Technological Support

To achieve this, we also offer telephone assistance and online advice to manage technical problems. We provide maintenance of contracted hardware and outsourcing services.

In addition, to offer a closer and more agile service, our company has more than 350 partners around the world. All of them have undergone a rigorous quality control, so that their intervention is optimal and therefore meets the needs of our customers.

Once our client trusts our team, we provide them with excellent and close customer service to find solutions for any inconvenience that may occur.

What characterizes us


TEKNOSERVICE's team of professionals will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the technological needs of a company or organisation, plan and develop, if necessary, a plan to implement the necessary computer equipment.


We have a wide range of solutions that allow us to cover any need in terms of technical computer installations: wifi, WiMAX, Fiber, wired networks, audiovisuals, etc.

Maintenance service

Our maintenance service allows you to maximise the availability of your IT equipment, infrastructure and the services it provides to users and clients. We have a comprehensive service, arranged visits and packages with a bag of hours.

Desktop virtualization system

We manage user access to ICT resources from start to finish, centralising desktop services and optimising their virtualisation platforms. In this way, we administer and manage user access to any remote desktop service.


At TEKNOSERVICE we offer outsourcing services with an integral vision and provide specific solutions in the outsourcing of functions. We have a professional team in the provision of services, to achieve a greater degree of competitiveness and reduction of costs and time to our customers.

Services in production

We can offer screen printing services on equipment with company or centre logos, mastering and cloning of equipment.