The health system we have today is the perfect combination of science and technology. It is undeniable that technology has made it possible to improve the structures, organization and even management of health centers.

In particular, when it comes to organizations that work for health, they must comply with very strict security protocols due to the information and personal data they handle about their patients.

Through TEKNOSERIVE’s advisory and consulting services we can guide you in the development of specific solutions for the health field.

We work for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and insurance companies adapting to their needs and always with the objective of improving their performance.

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TEKNOSERVICE’s work methodology is based on flexibility and individualized treatment of each project. In this way, we manage to provide a personalized and effective character to the solutions we offer to our clients.

At Teknoservice, we take great care in the selection of the components with which we manufacture TTL Professional products. In this way, we only work with the best suppliers worldwide.

Software Development

In TEKNOSERVICE, our bet for the evolution and to be a reference in our sector we materialize it thanks to our department of l+D+i For it, we have developed two solutions TTL: TTL OS and TTL VD.


TEKNOSERVICE offers Technology Renting services with its own means, both financial and technical. Currently, we have more than 25,000 equipments in the park of transfer, which makes us to be at the top of the Technological Renting in Spain. In this way, you will be able to face your technological investment in comfortable terms and with the possibility of acquiring the equipment once the renting is finished.


In order to offer a service with proximity and agility, TEKNOSERVICE has more than 350 partners around the world. All of them are involved in a rigorous process of service quality so that their intervention is excellent and meets the needs of the customer.

Maintenance and Outsourcing

Our integral service of technological maintenance allows to have updated and operative the computer park of our clients at any moment. The main support of this service is our network of more than 150 Official Service Points (PDS) throughout the country. In TEKNOSERVICIO we find our best allies in the business network of each province, which provides proximity to the customer and agility in service. Our Service Points have extensive experience in the sector and have passed a rigorous approval process designed to standardize our customer service.

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