Corporative identity


Since our foundation in 1991, at TEKNOSERVICE we have the objective of offering quality IT products and services. Throughout these years we have achieved the objectives we set ourselves and we have managed to stand out with incredible business figures and the absolute satisfaction of our customers. 

For this reason, we have managed to be leaders in hardware manufacturing, and we have managed to consolidate our own brand, become leaders in hardware manufacturing in Spain and advance firmly and safely in a constantly changing industry.



Our incessant personal and professional growth and our qualified staff give us the security of reaching a successful conclusion with every move. 

In this way we have managed to be suppliers of organizations like CERN, to develop our own IT solutions such as our TTL OS and TTL VD Desktop Virtualization and still not give up on our goal of increasing production every year and continue to care for our customers and the companies that have accompanied us all this time.

Our identity


Flexibility and adaptability

TEKNOSERVICE’s work methodology is based on flexibility and individualized treatment for each project. In this way, we manage to provide a personalized and effective character for the solutions we offer to our clients.

Maintenance and Outsourcing

he multidisciplinary team of TEKNOSERVICE is formed by professionals whose experience and dedication allows us to deal with complex technological projects.


The continuous search for excellence in their daily work and the enthusiasm they bring to each project have contributed to consolidate the leadership of our company in the sector. We believe and bet on the value of people, committing ourselves to the development and professional evolution of our staff.

Technological solutions

TEKNOSERVICE provides quality technological solutions and guarantees that 100% of its production passes an individual testing process (stress test) by subjecting all components of TTL Professional® machinery to a maximum level of effort for a minimum of eight hours.