This service establishes the procedures to be followed, by the user of the TTL product, to manage waste from Lithium Button Batteries or Lithium-Ion Batteries supplied with TTL products.

         The current regulations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are VREG 1988/2004 (“Verordnung über die Rückgabe, die Rücknahme und die Entsorgung elektrischer und elektronischer Geräte“) ("Ordinance on the Return, the Take-Back and the Waste Management of Electric and Electronic Equipment") and 8.14.81 (ORRChem), Ap.2.15.

        The recovery service can be indicated in detail in the agreement or contract established with the customer and by default is indicated in the instructions for use and footer of the invoice. This service can also be established (depending on the volume) with the installation of a collection point in the client's facilities, leaving the collection subject to the parameters of weight or volume indicated in the law.

The costs associated with this service are zero provided that the Swico and INOBAT network and is used and the adhered collection points.

The operations that can be performed with the recovery service are:

        -SR1: Complete recycling.

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