Microsoft Partner Gold OEM

The network of Microsoft contributors grants its members a number of benefits when they sign-up or renew their membership. In the same way, belonging to this network is a quality standard that, as such, carries with it a series of requirements.

The benefits range from OEM marketing campaigns and sales resources to getting refunds and discounts for selling Microsoft solutions through the local OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) incentives program or the possibility of obtaining software licenses for internal use.

To obtain Gold certification (the most important of all OEM certifications), it is necessary to pass a series of technical evaluations, tests and certifications. These tests include verification of the technical and entrepreneurial skills of the company with regard to Microsoft products, as well as a review of client testimonials.

In 2011 TEKNOSERVICE achieved the Gold OEM certification, which Microsoft awards annually to its partners, certifying them assemblers of the Windows operating system and other products of the Microsoft multinational, such as Windows Server or Microsoft Office. This distinction marks the recognition of the quality of TTL Professional brand servers and computers, manufactures in Spain by TEKNOSERVICE.

In this way TEKNOSERVICE joined the select group of Spanish manufacturers authorized to preinstall Microsoft software on its own computers and market its solutions.


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