TEKNOSERVICES has the distinction of being awarded Intel Technology Provider Platinum 2019, which is granted to those Intel® suppliers who demonstrate a high capacity for developing innovative solutions for clients based on Intel technology. “Platinum Partners” receive special benefits from Intel, including discounts, advanced assistance and marketing resources.

The network of Microsoft contributors grants its members a number of benefits when they sign-up or renew their membership. In the same way, belonging to this network is a quality standard that, as such, carries with it a series of requirements.

EPEAT is the acronym for “Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool” and is an important environmental classification system for electronic goods. It is designed to help consumers evaluate, select and compare environmentally-friendly products.

With the ISO 9000, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 certifications, TENOSERVICE reaffirms its commitment to two of its most recognizable entrepreneurial values: quality and the environment.

Energy Star is a United States Environmental Protection Agency program created in 1992 to promote efficiency in consumer electronics products. The goal is to reduce gases that produce the greenhouse effect.
It is a well-known program worldwide; its logotype appears in the motherboards of personal computers and in the Intel logo sticker.

80 Plus® is an iniciative to promote greater energy efficiency in the power supplies of computer systems. The power supply is the device that provides energy to the computer, and converts the alternating current into direct current, and is of critical importance to a computer system.

With the goal of offering clients of the public administration optimum services, TEKNOSERVICE has its products approved in the following agencies:


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