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TEKNOSERVICE, a 100% Spanish-owned company with more than 25 years of experience in the ICT sector, specializes in offering Global Technology Solutions, based on the quality of its own range of TTL Professional® products and excellence in customer care.

The company was founded in 1988 and has expanded thanks to its entrepreneurial character and determination to succeed. The increasing demands of the market and adaptating to its constantly changing needs bore fruit, the founding of TEKNOSERVICE in 1996. The company took a qualitative leap forward by incorporating experienced professionals, and made significant achievements through operations with important Andalusian entities.

As a result of the sales figures reached and with the goal of offering improved agility and response quality, in 2008 TEKNOSERVICE inaugurated a new plant manufacturing Desktop Computers and Professional-grade laptops, Workstations, Servers, and Storage Arrays under the brand TTL Professional®.Located in Bollullos de la Mitación (Seville), the plant has a surface area of more than 5000 m2 and is able to manufacture more than 100,000 units annually. This has allowed the company to carry out a progressive expansion throughout Spain, while continuing to offer the highest quality standards.

TEKNOSERVICE achieved one of its most important milestones in 2013, when it became the only Spanish microcomputer supplier in the CERN(European Organization for Nuclear Research), having been awarded the project of supercomputation in order to set up storage arrays at the Meyrin Data Centre in Switzerland and that of Budapest in Hungary.

It was in 2014 when TEKNOSERVICE once again expanded its facilities, doubling its Surface area and reaching 5,000 m2, thus achieving a yearly production capacity of 150,000 computer systems.

Our values

TEKNOSERVICE, Adaptability and flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility

TEKNOSERVICE´s working method is based on flexibility and treating each project in an individual and concrete way, thusly offering personalized and effective solutions for each one of our customers. Our national network of technical assistance with more than 60 Service Points allows us to provide immediate and effective service.

TEKNOSERVICE, Technological Innovation and Development

Technological Innovation

At TEKNOSERVICE we are constantly updating our products, services and technological services, in order to meet the current challenges posed by information technology, prioritizing areas like resource optimization, mobility solutions, big data, or Smart Cities. As an essential complement, we have an Engineering and Networking laboratory for Research, Development and Innovation projects, equipped with the latest technology, where our engineers design and work on developing the most innovative computer equipment.

TEKNOSERVICE, experience and our team

Experience and our team

Our multidiciplined team is composed of more than one hundred professionals whose experience and dedication permits us to tackle complex technological projects. Their continual search for excellence in their day-to-day work and enthusiasm for each project are what make our company great. We believe in and promote the value of people, and are committed to the professional development of our employees.

TEKNOSERVICE,  manufacturer of TTL Professional

TEKNOSERVICE, manufacturer of TTL Professional®

Our quality standards ensure that 100% of our production passes an individual testing process with specialized software that tests each machine operating at full capacity during a minimum of 8 hours. In this way we ensure that our products perform optimally when they reach the customer.

Under our brand TTL Professional®, we produce a wide range of Desktop Computers, Laptops, UltrabookTM, Lightweight Terminals, Servers, Storage Arrays, and Graphic Workstations with the latest technology.

In addition, at TEKNOSERVICE we offer our customers a combination of secure and precise mobility solutions, giving them the ability to manage with more flexibility, to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase the quality of their services.


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